School Eisteddfod

Once again this year, our School Eisteddfod Art and Design Competitions will align with the Urdd National Eisteddfod Competitions.

All entries, as usual will gain team points for our School Eisteddfod. We hope again to be able to enter the winning entries from the School Eisteddfod into the local round of the Urdd National Eisteddfod.


The theme this year is Gwlad Y Chwedlau, which means Land Of Legends (myths legends and tales), you may interpret the theme as you see fit, either literally or in an abstract way. This website has been suggested by the Urdd to give you inspiration click here!

Individual Art and DT Competitions Year Group Competition

Foundation Phase 2D drawing based on the theme in one or a combination of materials, e.g. paint, pencil, crayon, pastel or ink (must be no bigger than 760 x 560 mm)

Year 3 & 4 2D creative work based on the theme using combined mediums e.g. collage, tiles, mosaic (must be no bigger than 760 x 560 mm)

Year 5 & 6 3D Creative Work based on the theme which is freestanding in any medium or a combination of mediums. Materials from the natural environment may be used (must be no bigger than 750mm x 750 x 750 mm)

The names of children should be placed on the back of all entries. If you decide to put any words or captions on your pictures, they should be in Welsh only. Entries should be handed into school in time for judging on Monday 26th February please.

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