Month: May 2019


Our football team travelled to Aberystwyth last Saturday to take part in the final of the Urdd
championships. They all played very well, but came runners-up to a school from Cardiff with a
score of 2:1. Thank you to Miss Carruthers, Miss Skoczek, Miss Lisa and parents who travelled
with the boys to offer their support.

Inter-District Gala

This week three of our swimmers took part in the Inter-District Gala having been selected by the
leisure centre staff. Inter-District Schools Gala – selected to compete for Haverfordwest District.
Lexi Allen came 3rd in the 50m Free / 2nd 50m Back; Grace Nichols – 2nd 50m Breast / 2nd
25m Fly. Both girls took part in the relay teams – 100m Medley- 2nd; 100m Free -2nd. Girls under
10s – 2nd place team winners by 1/2 point. Overall combined girls team gala winners. Ross Gale
competed in boys 10 and over relays – 100m Medley – 1st; 100m Free 1st; Boys over 10 team
winners. Overall combined boys team gala winners as well as Haverfordwest Team Gala
Champions overall. Very well done to all three of you on your impressive performances.

May Procession

On Thursday Fr Matt and Fr Liam were back with us to lead our May procession and the crowning of
Our Lady in the Grotto. Following a short service in the school hall the pupils and staff processed
to the Grotto where Maria Cabral placed the floral crown on Our Lady.

First Holy Communion

The First Holy Communion was a great success last Sunday; all of the pupils who took part did
so with great reverence and respect. The support from family and friends was very impressive, it
was lovely to see the church so full for such a community event, thank you all for supporting
your child throughout their journey of sacramental preparation. Many thanks to Mrs Townsend
for all that she did in preparing the children so well and organising the day itself. The work
involved in sacramental preparation is quite significant and was done with great commitment
over the months. Thanks must also go to Frs Matt and Liam for sharing this special day with the
pupils and their families.

Primary School of the Year award

We are delighted to announce that we were presented with the certificate and trophy which has been awarded by the Swan’s Community Trust who sponsor the Premier League Primary Stars. Mrs Townsend attended the award ceremony last week on behalf of the school where she received the Primary School of the Year award. We are very proud of the achievements of the pupils in key stage 2 and their talent and continued sporting spirit.

Below is part of the school’s nomination statement:

Mary Immaculate Primary School have been a strong partner of our programme for many years. Not
only have they been an advocate of our school delivery, but have also been an attendee at all of our
events. This year was a particularly successful one as they became our first ever EFL Kids Cup
representatives. They went on to compete against 11 other EFL clubs in the Southern National Final,
hosted by Aston Villa. Mary Immaculate narrowly lost to representatives from Brentford F.C 1-0 in
the final and were just one result away from playing at the play-off final in Wembley.

Deputy Head Teacher – Mary Immaculate School


Job Position

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Social Media

Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) has had widespread impact on the way in
which we communicate and express our thoughts and opinions. There are clearly many benefits for
us both as individuals and also as communities, and many schools are exploring how they might
best harness the power of social media to engage even more closely with parents and students.
Unfortunately, we are also experiencing an increasing number of situations where social media has
been the vehicle for inappropriate behaviour by both pupils and parents. We live in a society where
we are proud of our right to freedom of speech and would not wish to suggest that this should be
curtailed in any way. There are occasions however, when things said in the virtual world are at best
unhelpful and, at worst, may constitute harassment, bullying or intimidation which could ultimately
lead to Police involvement.

Social media as a forum for parents’ views

The staff in our school work tremendously hard to provide the very best education for our pupils and
always want to work in partnership with parents and the wider community. However, we recognise
that there will be occasions where, for whatever reason, parents may not agree with a particular
course of action or may have specific concerns. It is entirely natural to discuss school life and
express our thoughts and opinions with others face-to-face or on the phone. Some of these
conversations are now also being aired on social media and the person posting has little control over
who might ultimately see it. Sadly, some of these comments and observations could cause offence if
aired in the public domain, and may in some cases be intimidating or even slanderous. This is not to
suggest that teachers and headteachers are above criticism or do not welcome feedback. However,
it is always best when this is constructive and reasonable and is focused on finding an acceptable
solution. When difficult things need to be said, it is usually best to do so face-to-face, or at least in
some form of private communication, such as an e-mail or letter. You will be informed of things that
we feel you need to know in the usual

Bag 2 School

The Bag 2 School collection bags are coming home today with the pupils. This is a good
opportunity to have a sort out of your summer wardrobe and donate anything that is no longer
needed. This collection is a great way of raising money out of items that you would otherwise be
getting rid of. The list of items accepted is on the bag itself.


Please return these to school by the 22nd May.