Celebration Assembly

A weekly celebration assembly is held every Friday. Teachers will choose two pupils from their class, who have achieved something special during that week. One child will be awarded with the handwriting merit and another with the merit scroll this may be linked to learning, progress, attainment or behaviour, helpfulness or good manners!

Pupils of the Week (12th January 2018)

Merit Scrolls                                                                                       

Nursery: Gethin

Reception: Alessandro

Year 1: Jay                                       

Year 2: Alisha

Year 3: Benjamin                                          

Year 4:  Callum                                         

Year 5: Caitlin      

Year 6: Ashton                          

Handwriting Scrolls


Reception: Lewis

Year 1: Logan                                             

Year 2: 

Year 3:                                      

Year 4:                                                      

Year 5: Logan       

Year 6: Isabelle