Month: September 2018

School App

School App: We also have a school app which can be downloaded free onto the i-phone or any android device. Please see the attached instructions of how to access the app. There is a direct link via the app to the website. The app provides regular updates on school activities.



Uniform: when you are buying school uniform, you may be interested to know that both TESCO, Tee’s R Us (01437-454529) and St. Brides Bay Clothing (01646-696904) sell our uniform on their websites. Plain jumpers are fine and you can purchase school badges from the school office. Please note that the pupils’ summer uniform may be worn until the October half-term holiday.

 Breakfast Club

 ‘Breakfast Club’: ‘Breakfast Club’ is available to pupils free of charge from 8am each morning. Forms are available from Mrs Foot at reception. All pupils must be registered to attend – if you have already completed a form there is no need to do another for each school year. Please note that we have a large number of pupils attending (115 on some days) and there are limited places available at present. Breakfast is currently available to pupils in the Reception class and above.