Month: January 2020

Catholic Pupil Profile

As a Catholic School in the Diocese of Menevia, we
have embraced the Catholic Schools’ Pupil Profile, which teaches the
children a set of eight pairs
of virtues to be understood and nurtured – enabling
them to grow in wholeness as fully rounded
individuals in the image of God. The pairs of virtues
Grateful and generous, attentive and discerning, compassionate and
loving, faith-filled and hopeful, eloquent and truthful, learned and
wise, curious and active, intentional and prophetic.
They will change every half-term; this half-term the
virtues ‘compassionate and loving’ were introduced
during Monday morning’s assembly. They were explained and given
examples of how we might ‘live them out’. Our Faith Ambassadors will
be responsible for sharing them each half-term.


We are now delivering short movement/reflection breaks several times a
day. They are proving very useful at improving concentration skills, fostering
resilience and encouraging pupils to engage with learning. We look forward
to seeing how this initiative develops