COVID-19 – Main Risk Mitigation Measures Taken in School

Main Risk Mitigation Measures Taken In School


  • Staff or pupils who are symptomatic are to stay home and call school to notify them of their main symptoms. If a COVID-19 test is required, this should be arranged via the UK Booking Portal, or by ringing 119.
  • Start and finish times have been staggered to avoid the risk of parents congregating in groups in the playground. 2m distancing tapes have been put on the floor outside the school. The full question set is asked on a weekly basis.
  • Hand sanitising units are distributed throughout the school building – in classrooms and at entry and exit points. All electric hand dryers have been disabled and replaced with paper towel dispensers. Liquid soap dispensers have been installed in toilets, classrooms and the staffroom.
  • All pupils wash/sanitise their hands on arrival at school and at regular intervals throughout the school day.
  • All pupils wash/sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the toilets. Pupils enter the toilets one by one, unless they are in the same contact group.
  • Clear signage is provided throughout the school to remind staff and pupils of social distancing, coughs and sneezes and entry and exit points. New bins for paper towels and tissues are now in each classroom and at hand-washing points.
  • Pupils have been placed in contact groups and do not mix with pupils from other contact groups. Playtimes and lunchtimes are staggered in order to prevent contact groups coming into close contact with each other. Segregated playgrounds are provided for each contact group.
  • All toilets, door handles, high-touch surfaces are cleaned at least every two hours with anti-bacterial cleanser. The photocopier is cleaned before and after each use. An extra cleaner is now employed to assist with these measures throughout the day.
  • Staff will maintain a 2m distance from both pupil and other staff members. Where they cannot, a face covering must be worn. All visitors to the school will be required to wear a face mask.
  • All staff to be aware of advice to black and ethnic minority groups
  • Members of staff who live with clinically vulnerable people are encouraged to take extra precautions in terms of social distancing and face protection.
  • All pupils have their own personal stationery pack which includes all that they need for the school day. They will not have to share resources with others. Resources used by any particular group will be cleaned and isolated for 48 hours before being used by another contact group. Children are asked to keep the items that they bring into school to essentials, such as a water bottle and lunch box/bag.
  • Peripatetic music lessons will take place in the school hall or library with appropriate social distancing. These will be risk assessed by the music teachers and music service prior to the commencement of lessons.
  • Extra staff rooms have been allocated and furnished to avoid close contact. All staff are provided with breaks of appropriate length. These, and all classrooms, are well ventilated.
  • PPE (Personal Protection equipment) is available to all staff in all classrooms. This is to be used when administering certain first aid or intimate care.
  • Should a child develop symptoms whilst in school, there is provision for them to remain with a designated adult away from their contact group until parents/guardians arrive.
  • We will continue to provide ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) sessions and all pupils will have the opportunity to complete a wellbeing check-in on a daily basis.




These are the main points from the school’s risk assessment which has been written in conjunction with the Local Authority’s Health and Safety Unit.

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